The Wonder of Nature

CostumeCon 34 has chosen “The Wonder of Nature” as our theme, to help inspire our contests and give some ideas for costumes and events. Our reason for this is due to Madison’s unique connection to environmentalism and the Green movement.

We hope that our theme inspires you, whether you’re coming to stroll around the halls in your finery or planning to compete in one of the contests. Celebrate your love of nature through your love of costumes. Everyone is welcome in Madison for CC34! 

Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day, is a Wisconsin native. He was governor of Wisconsin as well as a senator, and has a state park named for him which is located at the north side of the city. Aldo Leopold, the essayist and naturalist, lived near Horicon just north of Madison, and his influence and namesake are visible all over the city. The fingerprints of artists like Frank Lloyd Wright and Georgia O’Keefe linger on Madison, and many other naturalists and proponents of ecology can trace their roots and education to this place.

Madison is known both statewide and nationally for a heritage and tradition of pursuing environmental issues and promoting green options for building, transportation, and sustainability. Several of the suburbs are nationally recognized as bike-friendly cities, and the University of Wisconsin is famed for its research and development of environmental sciences. The UW Arboretum is a protected forest and wetland right inside the city itself, a great place to walk or bike or simply enjoy the large flowering tree and lilac garden. And, the city sits on an isthmus between two enormous lakes.

There is a strong local belief in sustainability and the environment here. Most restaurants will feature locally-grown and organic foods, and the Farmer’s Market held downtown every Saturday morning is an enormously-popular place to pick up sustainable produce and treats. Madison promotes itself as a green city, and puts its money where its mouth is.

With all of this heritage behind us, we thought about costumers, and how many we know are often nature-lovers as well. Making “nature” the theme of our CostumeCon seemed perfect! You’ll see it reflected in the choice of patterns for the Single Pattern Contest, the special theme categories and awards for the Future Fashion Folio, the idea of the Reusable Tote Contest, and in the related party theme for the Friday Night Social. Hall costume awards and other events might also have a touch of nature about them.