What Is CostumeCon

Costume-Con® is an annual 4-day conference devoted to everything costumes. All forms of costume are welcome, including cosplay, anime/manga, video games, comics, fantasy, sci-fi, theatrical, live-action film/TV, historical, fursuits…anything you can think of!

Costume-Con® is a “traveling” convention. This means it’s hosted in a different city and run by a different committee every year. This will be the first time it’s been in the Midwest since 2010 so don’t miss out!

This is a 4 day convention with activities starting Friday and going through Monday morning. Plus there are optional tours and activities happening Thursday and/or Tuesday!

Need some ideas? Check out the Please visit the Costume-Con Visual Archives to see what people have done in the past!

It’s my first Costume-Con, what should I expect?

Costumes – and people who love them as much as you do.

There are activities for every level of costumer from beginner to master happening each day of the convention. The days can be spent at a multitude of panels, demos and workshops learning/sharing tips and tools of the trade. Hall costuming is highly encouraged, so you can learn something new just by walking around the halls.

Some examples of panels and workshops from previous CCs are:

  • leatherworking
  • making  props and armor
  • beading
  • Chinese Opera costumes
  • color and design theory
  • moldmaking and casting
  • wig styling
  • making movable wings
  • making your own custom vampire teeth
  • electronics for costumes
  • stagecraft and lighting
  • dyeing and painting fabric
  • needle felting
  • ribbon embroidery
  • costumes from every era of history

You can also stop by the Dealers Room or Exhibit halls throughout the day. Whether you need to get some supplies to try out the new trick you just learned, or you just want to rifle through beads and trim for hours, you’ll find it in the Dealers Room. Additionally, there is the Exhibit Hall, a museum-like room where you can see past masquerade winners and other costumes close up at your leisure.

But don’t get too tired during the day, because there’s still big events that evening:

Friday has the Single Pattern contest. This takes place during the Friday Night Social.

Saturday evening hosts the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade. This masquerade will be the most familiar to those who are used to Anime/Comic Book/Sci Fi conventions.

Sunday has big events all day. First is the Future Fashion Folio in the morning and then the Historical Masquerade that evening.

More information on each of these events can be found on their own pages.

Everything wraps up on Monday with additional time to talk shop, go to panels and participate in field trips around town.

If you’re interested in anything related to costuming, you’re guaranteed to find something at Costume-Con.