Doll Contest

Humans aren’t the only ones who can compete at Costume-Con!

You may submit any type of doll, be it human, humanoid, or costumed creature. A purchased figure such as a Barbie, BJD, Breyer horse, or a personally crafted figurine may be entered. There will be separate judging categories for purchased figures embellished by the entrant and entrant-made figures. Entrants should clearly state which part of the figure they made. Emphasis in the judging of dolls will be placed on the costuming of the doll or creature, including the scale and fit. Judges will have final control over all categories and awards given. All non-perishable materials are allowed.

By submitting your entry, you are giving Costume-Con 34 (and its designated representatives) permission to photograph and/or videotape your entry for purposes of archiving and sale as part of post-convention packages. Your entries may also be photographed and/or videotaped for personal enjoyment only by members of Costume-Con 34. A membership to Costume-Con 34 is required to participate in the Doll Competition and all our doll events.

There are no fixed special categories other than the “Chairman’s Choice for Best Theme Related Doll“. Much like the Masquerades, the awards will be given by the Doll Competition Judges in the spirit of “Excellence Deserves Recognition”. Examples of the types of categories which may be considered are (but not limited to): Original doll, Re-dressed doll, Altered doll, Miniature, Diorama, Historical, Horror, Fantasy, Humor, Re-creation, Anime, Monster, Myth, and so on.

Entrants are encouraged to print out some background information on their piece and to include documentation if called for (historical & re-creations especially.) Examples of things you may want to include are: What do you want the judges to know about your doll? What was the inspiration? What is the back story? How did you do it? Perhaps you would like to point out any specific materials or techniques you feature, for example, Beading, smocking, painting, embroidery, sculpting, etc.


1. You may use either purchased or self-made figures to dress. They may be human, humanoid, animal or fairy; they may be any reasonable doll size or miniatures. Entrants should clearly state which part of the figure they made.
2. The costuming must be original work, and it is the costume that will be the focus of the judging.
3. Entries will be grouped by type of figure and subject matter: Historical, Fantasy, Miniature, Theme of Convention, and others, depending on what is entered.
4. Please indicate if the entrant is an Adult, or Young Fan (15 years of age or younger)
5. You must be an attending member of CC34 to enter.
6. You may enter more than once, but please check on space availability if you have several dolls, larger dolls, or a diorama.
7. Drop off dolls in the Doll/Exhibit room on Friday between 10am – 4pm or Saturday no later than 12 noon by arrangement. Contact us before the convention for Saturday drop off.
8. If you need to make arrangements to mail your doll ahead, please contact us.

Entry forms will be available at the convention.


Questions? Email: [email protected]