Hall Costume Contests

It’s Costume-Con, so of course people are going to be wearing costumes. But even if you don’t want to go up on stage or make something specifically for CC34, as long as you’re in a costume, you might get an award! We will have roving secret judges carrying ribbons, who are free to award them to anyone they see whose costume impresses. There are no rules or structures, just fun costumes!

The following special categories have been suggested for each day, in case you need ideas for what to pull out of the closet to wear. Note, these categories are for the hall contest – no one is required to wear costumes with these themes at any time.

Friday: The Seasons
Saturday: Fairies
Sunday: Peasant wear from any era
Monday: Pajama Party! Bathrobes and sleepwear
Bright Steampunk: It’s time to cut out the drab and but some color excitement into steampunk clothing!


If a veteran costumer would like to serve as a hall judge, they can contact CC34 at [email protected]. We’re looking for a few good folks with an eye for awesome to volunteer and help us out!