Tote Contest

Extra Exhibition Contest: Reusable Totes

In tandem with our theme “The Wonder of Nature,” CostumeCon 34 would like to celebrate the Green movement by holding an informal Tote Bag Contest. Registered members of Costume-Con will be encouraged to submit creative, wacky, and beautiful reusable bags to the exhibition, where they will be judged and given awards in fun categories. We found a good example tutorial from, here!

Bags come in all shapes and sizes, with pockets and without, buttoned and zippered and velcro’ed, and are a good way to cut down on both paper and plastic waste, so why not carry a bag that expresses the total you? Create a bag from scratch using your own pattern, or find a pattern for a tote/carrier/organizer that you really like. Go nuts and embellish it to your heart’s content, or re-create a character’s own special bag – or mash it up, and create a bag your favorite character would use if they were saving the environment! This contest is entirely free-form, all styles of approach are welcome.


1. All bags must be larger than a clutch or purse, they should aim for“tote” size, large enough to serve as a backpack, grocery tote, or similar bag. No smaller than 1 foot tall x 6 inches wide x 3 inches deep. No specific measurements or dimensions are required otherwise.
2. Decorations, closures, and pockets are entirely at the creator’s discretion! However, make sure no decorations are so fragile that the bag would be unable to be used for its intended purpose.
3. All bags should be utile – that is, after the competition if you or anyone else were to want to use the bag, they could do so. You may, if desired, stuff or pack the bag to show its utility or help it keep its shape while on display, but do not include valuable or sensitive items.
4. You must be a registered member of Costume-Con 34 to display a bag and enter the contest.

That’s it! Fabric types, color schemes, embellishments, shapes, styles, and so on are entirely at the creator’s choice. Awards are at the judges’ discretion but may include honors in categories such as, best use of recycled materials, best conservation effort, prettiest, most useful, most amazing, most well-crafted, best re-creation, and so on.

Entry forms will be available at the masquerade registration table and/or the Exhibit hall entry.

All entry submissions must be dropped off at the Exhibit Hall with the Exhibits director by noon on Saturday, to be set up and arranged. If you need special displays (hooks, easels, stands) please inform the Tote Contest Director prior to CC34. The Tote Contest Director may ask for intended entries to contact us prior to CC34 so we can ensure enough space and proper display materials will be available.

Entry submissions for the Tote Contest will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall for the entirety of the weekend, which will be under security supervision. Judging will take place Sunday morning with awards being announced at the Future Fashion Show.

Your coordinator for the Reusable Tote Contest is Stace Feldmann.