Costume-Con 34 continues the tradition of a ConSuite provided to attending members as a place to gather and socialize between panels. The ConSuite is not intended to replace actual daily meals, it mostly serves snacks, coffee, soda, and some breakfast nibbles, but there may be special offerings during hosted parties and certain times.

Organizations, conventions, and other chapters of the ICG are welcome to volunteer to host the ConSuite for blocks of time, for a minimum of an hour at a time. Your party will be advertised in advance and with fliers. The ConSuite will provide utensils and keep the standard fare out, but you are welcome to provide your own unique snacks and drinks for your hosted slot. 

Costume-Con 34’s Consuite will be a great location to meet fellow costumers, learn about other local conventions, and get a snack. Snack choices will include vegan, gluten free, low sodium, and low sugar options (if you require such fare, please inquire with the host). The Consuite is located on the second floor of the Marriott in their Hospitality Room.

The Consuite Schedule:

Thursday: 4pm to 8pm
Friday: 7am to 7pm
Saturday: 7am to 6pm*
(Closed during Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade and reopening during the awards ceremony to close at 1am.)
Sunday: 7am to 10am* (Closed during the Future Fashion Folio and reopening at noon)
Noon to 6pm*
(Closed during Historical Masquerade and reopening during the awards ceremony to close at 1am)
Monday: 7am to 10am
Note: The dead dog party will be held in panel room from noon to 4pm with snacks!

Confirmed parties and sponsors:
Saturday night, post-SF&F till 1am: Costume-Con 35, Toronto.

Conventions, fan organizations, and chapters: would you like to sponsor the ConSuite? Please contact us as [email protected], we will still have a few great time slots and opportunities!