Friday Night Social

The Friday Night Social is CostumeCon’s traditional party to get to know your fellow con-goers and kick off the conference in style. There will be food, fun, and the showcase of the Single Pattern Contest entrants. Have some nibbles, mingle with other costumers of all types, and dance the night away!

CC34’s Social Theme will be Dance Among the Sidhe.

As twilight descends upon the natural world, wondrous creatures hidden from human view come out and play. Join us as magical creatures (great and small!) feast, cavort, and dance in a fairy ring! This evening event will include great food, cocktails, and entertainment. Along with the Single Pattern Contest, guests will be able to enjoy dancing and a variety of other fun activities (to be announced, so check back in!).

Social begins at 7pm, Single Pattern Contest begins at 8pm.

Even if you’re not participating in the Single Pattern Contest, the Dance Among the Sidhe is a wonderful opportunity to create and wear that nature-themed fantasy creature you’ve always dreamed of making; fairy, gnome, elemental, giant, troll, faun, shapeshifter, harbinger, pooka, siren; to name just a few.

Enjoy the Wonder of Nature in revelry with a myriad of fantastical creatures!

Additional information will come out prior to the conference!

Your coordinator for the Friday Night Social event is Danielle McKinney.