Local Tours

There are lots of great sites and attractions to visit while staying in Madison for Costume-Con 34. Tours that Costume-Con 34 will host and assist in organizing will be held on Friday and Monday. Start times are for when the tour leaves the Marriott Convention Center. You will need to register for the listed tours below; please contact us at [email protected] with which tours you’d like to attend. Thank you!

Capital Square, Wisconsin State Historical Society and State St
Start 9AM
This tour give you an opportunity to explore our gorgeous State Capital, the Veteran’s Museum, and the State Historical Society. Lunch can procured from a variety of stores along State Street. Total walking will be up to 1/2 mile.
Return: 3pm to return to the Marriott around 3:30pm

Gayfeather Fabric, Atwood Ave and Willie St
Start 10am
This tour will start at a locally owned fabric store and then to walk along Atwood and Willie Streets; part of the Madison corridor between the lakes. Atwood and Willie have wonderful locally owned shops and fantastic local eateries. This is a great tour for folks who don’t mind walking a bit. Total walking will be up to 1 1/2 miles.
Return: 4pm to return to the Marriott around 4:30pm

Touring with the SLUTS: Exploring Dr. Evermore’s Forevertron
Start 10:30
Bruce and Nora Mai will be your tour guides as you explore the unique Forevertron, have lunch, and then head over the Baraboo Bluffs to visit the Circus World Museum. 4-5 spaces are available in the Mai’s Bus.
Return: 4:00 – 4:30 PM

Henry Vilas Zoo and the Arboretum
Start 10AM
Visit Madison’s famous free Zoo and then visit the Arboretum, a lovely natural haven in the middle of Madison. Attendees of this tour will decide where they want to have lunch.
Return: 3:00pm

Recommended Spots to Visit
We are not offering tours to these locales, but highly recommend visiting them if you have time and want to explore between panels and masquerades. There’s an enormous list of area attractions here, including sites of interest to historical costumers and history buffs, nature nuts, and anyone looking for a good time in the Greater Madison Area.

Additionally, the Dane County Farmer’s Market will be open for the summer season during Costume-Con 34! The Farmer’s Market is held on the Capitol Square on Saturday morning, which may conflict with some programming items of interest so we cannot organize a sponsored tour to visit. Attendees who wish to go to the Farmer’s Market and pick up delicious local foodstuffs like cheese curds, cream puffs, and Stella’s Bakery’s famous hot cheese bread will be on their own, but we will provide maps!