Panel Programming

Panels, demonstrations, and workshops will be held Friday through Monday morning, starting in the morning and running until around dinner-time. Panelists may submit ideas for any kind of discussion, lecture, demo, or hands-on workshop that relates to costuming. Past CostumeCons have had panels about beading, corset-making, dyeing, special materials, electronics, prop-building, and the history and culture of costuming, for example.

Panel submission is CLOSED. Thank you to all of our submitters!

If you have submitted a panel or panels with the intention to run them yourself, you will be receiving a confirmation email shortly if your panel has been approved. The completed schedule will be available closer to the convention, as well as released on our special app!

Panel programming will run on a schedule of standard one-hour panel slots with some overlap for setup and teardown, but there will be several 90 minute and 2 hour panels and workshops as well! Please note, workshops are generally hands-on classes where people will learn a special technique, material, or tool. They are usually limited in the number of participants but are open to additional watchers, who can see and take notes but not participate directly. Workshops may have a small additional fee for participants to cover the costs of materials, so please be aware of this when preparing for the con.

Panels will not be scheduled to run during the three main competitions (Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade, Historical Masquerade, Future Fashion Show), during the Friday Night Social, or during the ICG Annual Meeting on Friday morning. Panels will generally run from noon on Friday through noon on Monday. The complete schedule will be available closer to the convention!

Questions? Email: [email protected]